About Firefly Meadows

Local, Fresh, Clean, Nutritious

At Firefly Meadows Farm our goal is to produce the highest quality food you can buy. We sell our farm products locally which means you get fresher food.
We do not use chemical sprays or fertilizers which keeps your food clean and healthy. Most importantly we strive to produce the most nutritious food available. Our animal products are pastured so that the end product is high in vitamins and minerals.

About Your Farmer

Hi I'm Josiah Garber. I first became interested in farming as a child. I grew up gardening with my parents and occasionally helping my grandpa on his farm. I have also learned skills in construction, through my dad Joel Garber, which help out dramatically on the farm. 4 Years ago I became started beekeeping as a result of working with my mom Cheri Garber who is a beekeeper.