Grass-fed Beef! Last of 2016.

Now Accepting Grass-fed Beef Orders!
October 31, 2016
Now Accepting Grass-fed Beef Orders For Fall 2017
June 28, 2017
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Grass-fed Beef! Last of 2016.

Thank you to everyone who purchased beef in our first round. We sold out fast!

We are again accepting deposits to reserve our grass-fed beef! We are selling wholes, halves and quarters.  This second and last round of 2016 beef is estimated to be available for pickup January 8-22.

You may be aware of the many reasons to purchase grass-fed beef in bulk. Here are some reasons to buy beef from us:

  • Availability: many local farmers have waiting lists.
  • Our cattle are grass-fed and finished.  Learn More
  • Clean eating: we do not spray our pastures.
  • Diversity of forage: our cattle get access to a wide diversity of pasture plants for maximum nutrition.
  • Great price!  Save money by buying in bulk.
  • Cattle raised on grass are environmentally friendlyLearn More
  • We raise the Red Devon Breed. Learn More
  • Easy ordering and payment: you pay for the packaged product you receive and there are no additional butchering costs.
What Will Be Included In My Bulk Beef Purchase?

We have standardized the cuts in order to make the ordering process as easy as possible. Your purchase will include steaks (Delmonico, New York Strip, Filet Mignon, *Petite Tender, Sirloin, *Flank, Flat Iron, Top Round, London Broil, Chuck Eye and *Skirt), short ribs, brisket, roasts (Chuck, Rump and Sirloin Tip), and ground beef. Each order will also include organ meats, unless you designate otherwise.

*These cuts only available on whole and half purchases.

When Will Our Beef Be Available For Pickup?

The estimated dates for pickup are January 8-22. You will receive a call when your order is ready, and you will then have fourteen days to pick up your beef. Order pickup is at Smuckers Meats, a USDA-certified processing facility in Mount Joy. We provide delivery for an extra charge.

What is the Cost of Your Beef?

We want to keep the cost of our beef very simple.  You pay by the pound of actual packaged meat.

  • Whole beef - $6.99/lb. (estimated total cost $2,334 - $2,921)
  • Half beef - $7.49/lb. (estimated total cost $1250-$1565)
  • Quarter beef - $7.99/lb.  (estimated total cost $492-$660)
How Can I Reserve My Beef?

To reserve your beef, pay a deposit on our website securely with debit or credit.  If you prefer to pay by check, contact us. Your deposit will go toward the total cost of your beef.  Click on a link below to reserve your beef.

When is my balance due?

The balance of your beef (total cost minus deposit) will be due before pickup.  When the meat is packaged, we will email you an invoice for your balance, which you can then pay by credit card or check.

Refer a Friend Program

Want an extra $25 off your final invoice?  Refer a friend and have them enter your name when they place their order.


Our beef is sold first come, first served.  This is our last sale of bulk beef for the year.  If the website shows your desired beef amount is out of stock, contact us.  We may still have be able to meet your needs if other sizes are in stock.

Looking to try a smaller amount of beef?

The most economical way to purchase our beef is by the quarter, half or whole. However, we do plan to sell some of our beef by the cut at a higher price.  You will be able to pick out exactly what you want and pay only for that.  We will notify our email list subscribers first.



Josiah and Carmen Garber

Firefly Meadows Farm

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